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Swimming Pool Safety Covers – Equestria Pretoria – Nets4pools specializes in swimming pool safety nets and covers. We pride ourselves on using the absolute best quality products and practices in the industry. Our reputation is second to none, proven by our high quality products. We offer an owner managed hands-on service with all our installations, products are made with precision and care, and fast service. We install hook on pool covers and pole pool covers.

Many parents do not rely on gates, pool fences and pool alarms to protect their child from drowning.
They choose to have the ultimate control over access to the pool or spa.
The Pool Safety Net is custom fitted to your swimming pool and can be shaped as required to fit around rocks, waterfalls and other obstructions.

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Swimming Pool Safety Covers and Other Products:

Swimming Pool Covers:
Works with a ratchet system that is generally very easy to use but complicated enough for children, so it acts like a safety device.
Material used is 600g to 700g A grade PVC material within reinforced webbing giving it superior strength and durability.
Keeps dirt and debris out of pool.
Helps with water evaporation.
Swimming Pool Safety Nets:
A child will not be able to Unhook the Safety Net.
A net can easily be installed and removed by a single adult.
Fitted according to the shape and size of your pool.
Our safety nets also come in sizes for ponds and water features in black or blue.
Our nets have a 5 YEAR Guarantee.
A Pool Safety Net fits neatly and seamlessly around ladders, rocks and other obstructions. Importantly, there won’t be any gaps in the net which could create a potential hazard.
Extremely light weight and can be fitted or removed in less than 5 minutes.
Solar Pool Blanket:
Cuts evaporation by up to 90%
Cuts Heating Costs by 70% or more
Save on chemicals and energy
Installation only takes a few minutes
Keeps pool cleaner
Swimming Pool Leaf Catcher Net:
Leaf Nets are constructed of mesh material and do not pool rainwater.
Keep leaves and debris high and dry above the surface of the water.

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