How to make a Pirates’ Treasure Chest. This fun project is ideal for bigger kids. Make this adorable treasure chest and put all your small treasures inside! I recommend a hot glue gun for this project. You can use project glue, but it will be more time consuming, as you will have to wait for the glue to dry after attaching each popsicle stick. Here are the details on how to assemble your very own treasure chest.

Pirates Treasure Chest

Materials Needed

Popsicle Sticks
Craft Paint
Ribbon or Lace
Bead or Button
Hot Glue Gun or Project Glue


Follow the pictures for guidance. Cut 2 pieces from a cardboard that are 7.5cm x 6.3cm. Draw a line at 5cm (as shown in the picture). Draw a semi circle on the top (smaller) part. Cut out the pieces (you must have 2 rectangular and 2 half circle pieces).

Paint it any colour, and let it dry. Lay out seven sticks and tape it together to hold it in position. Glue the 2 rectangular cardboard pieces onto the sticks. Remove the tape. Start on one side and glue on popsicle sticks, one by one (then the other side). When finished, do the same with the 2 half circles.

Attach the lid:
Use any ribbon or lace to attach the lid to the box. Measure and cut your ribbon, with 2 – 3cm on each side to spare. Glue it on top of the lid. On one side (front of lid), glue the (extra) piece to the inside of the lid. On the back side, glue the extra piece of ribbon onto the box. Wait to dry, then cut 2 short pieces of ribbon and glue it on the inside of the box and lid (this forms the hinges). Attach a wooden bead or interesting button to the front of the lid.

Pirates Treasure Chest  Pirates Treasure Chest  Pirates Treasure Chest