Flip Out Trampoline Park

Flip Out Trampoline Park

Flip Out Trampoline Park - Rooihuiskraal Centurion. Excitement for all, this is the perfect day out with family and friends! Receive your Flip Out grip socks and challenge yourself to greater leaps and bounds. A vast range of games and entertainment. Flip Out...

The Creative Art Planet Kids Classes

The Creative Art Planet Kids Classes

The Creative Art Planet Kids Classes - Gimnettes Pretoria East - a teaching art studio. Since 2014 our art class for children have grown from a Comic & Cartoon art class to include fun workshops every school holiday, digital art classes in Photophop, &...

Turtlejar Private Tutoring

Turtlejar Private Tutoring

Turtlejar Private Tutoring - in-person and online lessons Turtlejar Private Tutoring - South Africa. The fastest growing tutoring company in the country! We provide help in all parts of South Africa including Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban. Contact us...


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Science Experiments!

Homemade Lava Lamp

How to make a homemade lava lamp using very simple ingredients! This is a fun, cheap, and easy science project for kids that will teach them about density.

Coloured Eggs

This is a cool science experiment for kids, to create coloured, shell-less eggs (the eggshell dissolves in the vinegar). It is a classic acid-base reaction. 


Kids Science Project – Volcano Eruption. This is an easy kids science project that includes water, vinegar, dish detergent and food colouring (Experiment 1)

Flower Colouring

Flower Colouring. This is a magical experiment for toddlers and pre-school kids! An easy science experiment to show how plants need water to thrive…

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Homemade Play Dough. This is an easy, cost effective recipe to make play dough for the kids at home. A great idea to keep them entertained during the school holidays. Let the kids help with the mixing and colouring of the dough, and then they can get creative with their own homemade play dough! Tip: do not try to eat, it does not taste well! Play Dough Recipe