My Family of Superheroes

My Family of Superheroes

The new children’s book by local author Zinhle T. MatthewsMY FAMILY OF SUPERHEROES, in which all children are superheroes, is available from Amazon, Ethnikids, Book Circle Capital, Xarra Books and other selected bookstores now!  In this beautiful book she shifts the focus by using the power of positive affirmation to help children access their inner hero. “The greatest gift we can give our children is the ability to be their own superhero,” she says. For generations, stories about heroes have been used to inspire, motivate, and transfer values to children. It is unsurprising then that children love superheroes – characters that teach them about strengths, empathy, and overcoming challenges. 

“Every child, irrespective of gender or race, will find themselves in situations that test their self-confidence and courage,” she adds. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a full proof, lifelong tool to use in these circumstances? A potent mantra which could lift them above self-doubt and fear into a position of power, well equipped to take on the world – and win!”

Her book, specifically written to be read by a parent or caregiver with a child, uses engaging illustrations and emotive language to tell a compelling yet accessible story of triumph over adversity. It introduces readers to a young girl named Precious who, inspired by her mother, uses the power of positive affirmation to overcome her insecurities and doubts.

Complementing the launch of the book is the release of KE NALE MATLA meaning “I have the power”, a duet performed by the well-known, loved and talented Mmatema and Katlego Ntsele. “Music has always been a big thing in my family so, when the concept of the book became clear, I knew music had to feature somehow,” Zinhle explains. “I wanted the book to have a soundtrack, like movies do. My husband writes beautiful music, so I asked him to write the song using the words in the book. Within 24 hours he had written KE NALE MATLA.” The single will be available for digital download from 4 June. The music video for KE NALE MATLA will be released on Youth Day, 16 June 2021. 

As an added bonus, she has designed superhero capes, adorned with the affirmations that are included in the book, to help young readers look the part.  Her greatest wish, she reveals, is for everyone to see themselves the way God sees them. MY FAMILY OF SUPERHEROES is a reflection of that wish. But the book is simply the beginning – she plans to establish a non-profit organisation to continue the work she has been called to do. She also hosts Transformation Monday sessions on Instagram to share some of the lessons she has and continues to learn.

The dynamic and talented author also plans to translate MY FAMILY OF SUPERHEROES into as many languages as possible – starting with isiZulu and Afrikaans, and there is an audiobook in the pipeline.  She is inspired by her parents, who have done tremendous work in their community: Her father was at the forefront in securing funding to build a high school while her mother kept children off the street by teaching them how to sing and play instruments.  

“It is my turn to take the baton. I know that to change people’s environment you must change how they think. We become what we think about. So, this book is just the beginning of the work I am called to do. This is my purpose.”

MY FAMILY OF SUPERHEROES is an inspiring book with a powerful message which will resonate with children and caregivers alike. 

Instagram: @zinhlematthews
Twitter: @ZinhleThola

Instagram: @myfamilyofsuperheroes
Twitter: @myfamilyofsuperheroes

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