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Kids on Camera Kids Casting Agency - Norwood Johannesburg

Kids on Camera Kids Casting Agency – Norwood Johannesburg. Your child could be South Africa’s next big star! Register him or her with a trusted casting agency. Kids on Camera is a leading casting agent for kids in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We will assist to get your child the auditions he or she deserves.

Kids on Camera Kids Casting Agency – Norwood Johannesburg. Register your children with Kids on Camera, so that you can increase their chances of getting noticed, and help make their acting dreams come true. Show business is a very tough and competitive industry, and your child will need to put in a lot of time and hard work should he or she want to land their dream part. Let leading casting agencies for kids in Gauteng, like Kids on Camera, assist with your child’s acting career.

Kids on Camera Kids Casting Agency Services:

1. We will make your work as a parent of a child star less time consuming by informing you and your child of suitable acting auditions. This will mean that you won’t have to spend endless hours searching and calling for auditions, we will do it for you.
2. Casting agents are regularly approached by production companies that are searching for a certain individual for a part in a show or advert. Should your child fit the profile, you will be notified about the audition.
3. We help kids to prepare for their audition. Once your child knows what to expect and how to present him or herself, they will feel a lot more at ease when going for auditions.
4. This is done in our Audition Training Classes, entailing detailed and practical training sessions. Your child will benefit from our audition training, making them more self-confident and prepared for the auditions.
5. Contact Kids on Camera, best choice of casting agencies for kids in Gauteng, for more information about our audition training.
6. Register your child with Kids on Camera. We will help your child to fulfil his or her acting career by arranging suitable acting auditions for kids with reputable production companies. Contact us for more information or to register your child.

Contact Details for Kids on Camera Kids Casting Agency:


Contact Person:
Belinda Botha

011 728 8176


124 Ivy Road,
Norwood, 2117