Flower Colouring

Flower Colouring. This is a magical experiment for toddlers and pre-school kids! An easy science experiment to show how plants need water to thrive, and how flowers absorb the water into their petals to keep them fresh. Because the water is coloured, the petals will absorb the colour too! The kids will be excited to check on their flowers daily, and how they become more colourful with each passing day. This is a fun, educational way to introduce children of all ages to basic scientific concepts. Do this at home, following these easy step by step instructions.

Colour Flowers Science

Materials Needed

Any White Flowers. (daisies, roses, carnations, etc – white roses quickly change colour, daisies take longer)
Food Colouring. (in our experiment blue and green has shown the most vibrant result)
Small, Short Glasses or Vases.


Trim the flowers to fit in your vases (a shorter stem will give a quicker result).
Cut the stems on an angle for the coloured water to enter by a greater surface area.
Pour water into the vases, then add food colouring and a flower to each vase.
Store in a save, sunny place and observe the results over the next few days.
As the flowers absorb the water they will magically change colour.
Idea: Remove your coloured flowers, and dry the stems. Add some white flowers to the coloured ones. Tie them together with a piece of ribbon to make up a small bouquet.

Colour Flowers Science  Colour Flowers Science   Colour Flowers Science

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