Clothespin Airplanes

Easy, affordable clothespin crafts for kids. These clothespin or craft stick airplanes are cute, super easy for kids to make, and are great fun too! A craft project for creative kids. Depending on the materials you use, the steps should be easy enough for any preschooler to do. Adult supervision and assistance necessary. Attach a magnet to this adorable airplane and use it as a photo holder!

Clothespin Airplanes

Materials Needed

1 Wooden Clothespin (peg).
3 Wooden Craft Sticks (popsicle sticks) or Foam Craft Sticks.
2 Googly Eyes.
Paint or Marker.
Glue (and glue dots). Glue takes time to dry, while glue dots stick immediately.

1 Pom Pom or Wooden Craft Bead
Magnet – (for an airplane photo holder)
Stickers or anything else you need to decorate your airplane!


Take your wooden clothespin and three popsicle sticks and paint it in colors of your choosing (or use colored wooden or foam craft sticks). Use Kids Art Project Glue or your Hot Glue Gun (adult assistance) to glue the wings, tail wing and rudder. Two full sized craft sticks are used for the wings, and the third one must be cut for the tail wing and rudder.

Center one full sized craft stick over the clothespin and glue on the top and then glue one on the bottom, making it even. Those are your wings. For the tail wing you will need half of a craft stick. Cut the third craft stick in half, then cut a rounded end on the cut-off side, which is then glued on for the tail wing. Wait to dry.

Cut a small piece from the other half of the craft stick to glue on as the vertical wing (rudder). Glue on a bead or pom pom as the propeller. Leave for the glue to dry. Decorate your airplane.

NOTE: Painting is super fun, but can be messy and takes a while to dry. a preschooler’s attention may wander during the waiting period. Buying coloured Wooden or Foam Craft Sticks is best. Foam Craft Sticks are also extremely easy to cut!

Clothespin Airplanes

Clothespin Airplanes  Clothespin Airplanes

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