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Kidz Fishing Camp Summer Holiday 2017

Kidz Fishing Camp Summer Holiday 2017 – Fishing Camps at the Vaal River. This is a fun getaway and a unique experience for children during the school holidays. There will be plenty of fun things to do! They will learn how to fish and tie different kinds of knots. All in a safe environment with trained and experience staff. These camps take place in December from the 8th to the 10th, and from the 14th to the 16th. We provide comfortable, welcoming accommodation at Villa Nova. Your children will have an enjoyable and all natural experience.

Additional activities include canoeing all along the Vaal River, and at the camp table tennis, board games, pool table, swimming pool, camp fires. Kids get to relax and enjoy their weekends and school holidays while getting the most out of their time with us. For this reason, we encourage every child to participate in the activities at the camp. The activities are designed to create a fun atmosphere, to make new friends, and to learn new skills.

Kidz Fishing Camp Summer Holiday 2017 Information:

Oct 2 – 4, Dec 8 – 10 & Dec 14 – 16
Kidz Fishing Camp – Vaal River, Villa Nova, on the open plains of the Vaal River between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp.
7 – 15 years
All children will be taught the uses of various tools, such as the types, and textures and qualities of fishing rods and reels, as well as the type of fishing lines and traces.
Kids will learn how to tie simplex and complex knots, different methods of fishing, and what types of bait to use to catch specific types of fish.
All skill levels are welcome at Kidz Fishing Camp, from beginner to the more experienced.
Your kid will receive the following Fishing equipment: Fishing Rod, Reels, Hooks, Bait, Traces, Lines

Contact Details for Kidz Fishing Camp Summer Holiday 2017:

Physical Address:
Kidz Fishing Camp – Vaal River
Villa Nova
On the open plains of the Vaal River between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp, North West.

GPS Coordinates:
South 26.55.842 and East 026.55.554


Contact Person:
Manuela Candito

083 610 2911