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Christa’s Kids Life Studio Educational Programmes

Christa’s Kids Life Studio - Educational Programmes -  Centurion

Christa’s Kids Life Studio Educational Programmes. To educate and motivate children to have a positive mindset. And to handle the ups and downs of life with confidence. Our mission is to empower them to become leaders of their own life. We give children the tools to handle life’s pressures with confidence.

Christa’s Kids Life Studio Educational Programmes. We are committed to creating a culture of mental well-being in children. We provide them with unconditional support and practical tools to guide them through the challenges and obstacles of life. With fun and interactive Kids Life Coaching Programmes, children become eager to grow and learn. Through play, personal growth is guaranteed under the careful guidance of our team of coaches.

Christa’s Kids Life Studio Educational Programmes offers:

  • Full Range of Coaching Programmes:
  • Positive Living Programmes
  • Study Assistance & Mentorship
  • Nurturing Creativity through the Arts
  • Fitness Classes for the Body, Heart & Mind
  • Environmental Respect & Awareness •
  • Responsible Technology use
  • Allergen Free Cooking
  • Enhancing World Knowledge
  • Holiday Clubs & Camps
  • Toddler Play & Activity Programmes

Empowerment Programs and Workshops for Kids, Parents and Schools:
The Equal Zeal® System provides valuable life tools for children. Kids these days are dealing with a range of issues that kids of the past didn’t have to face until adulthood.
Equal Zeal® is endorsed by teachers and psychologists.
Personal Development and Assessments for Kids, Schools and Adults:
We cater for the needs of young people between the ages of 3 months to 21yrs, and parents.
School & Family Programmes available.
All programmes are on an Individual as well as a Group basis .
Follow-up Maintenance Programmes to reinforce skills learnt during the initial programmes.
Free Assessment to all potential candidates (this measures potential areas of need and helps us recommend a tailor-made plan of action).
Parent & Teacher Programmes place emphasis on creating a sound support structure for the children in their care
AGE: From Birth – All ages

The Programmes are geared for all Stages of Development:
Toddler Zeal: Age 2 – 4
Micro Zeal: Age 5 – 8
Mini Zeal: Age 9 – 10
Major Zeal: Age 11 – 13
Teen Zeal: Age 14 – 18
Independent Zeal: Adult

Free Assessments:
Balanced Life
Family Balance
Memory & Concentration
Self Esteem

Christa’s Kids Life Studio Educational Programmes Contact Details:

Contact: Christa Janse van Rensburg

Cell: 083 304 0303



Country Club Dr 76
Irene Farm Village
Centurion Tshwane/Pretoria South